‘Man bun’ or top knot a male return to long hair

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Life

Christina McAllister

Life Reporter

The Man Bun, Bro Knot and Samurai Knot are just a few of the names given to an increasingly popular male hairstyle that’s redefining masculinity by adding a feminine edge.

Humber student and fashion major Marco Maurer said the longhaired look gained popularity in Canada shortly after the FIFA World Cup, where it was the norm to see athletes sporting the bun.

Other non-soccer-playing celebrities such as Hollywood actors Jared Leto and Orlando Bloom have also rocked the man bun, making it acceptable for men beyond celebrity status to hop on the “bunwagon”.

According to Maurer, the emergence of the bun as a gender-neutral hairstyle is revolutionizing men’s fashion.

“It’s giving a new style to menswear,” he said.

Maurer also thinks it’s empowering to see men with more typically feminine looks.

Long time hairdresser Marylena Scardaoni is a supporter of the man bun but doesn’t think it’s for everyone.

“Like anything else, the man bun is not for all men” she said. “Not all men with long hair can pull it off.”

As a historical fashion trend previously seen on the heads of Japanese samuri and warriors, the man bun has reemerged and the adverse affect of prolonged wear has not yet materialized.

Despite the lack of information, there’s buzz that this new hairstyle may act as a catalyst to the three most dreaded words for the male species: male pattern baldness.

Scardaoni denies that wearing hair in a man bun has any adverse affect on the male hairline.

“Having long hair or having it in a bun for men will not cause hair loss more than it would on a woman,” she said,. “Hair loss or receding hairlines are hereditary.”

Scardaoni said that although men should not worry about premature balding, there can be other negative affects associated with prolonged wear.

“Keeping hair tied for long can cause it to break or give you headaches, but aside from that, it will not affect the hair,” she said.

Scardaoni said the important thing is to keep long hair hydrated with conditioner after shampooing.

Humber student Lucas Bondar thinks man buns are a passing trend, but says that they are serving a greater purpose.

“Guys don’t usually have long hair so it’s nice to remove the stigma,” he said.

Whether man buns are here to stay or just a fad, Scardaoni recommends wearing the bun with confidence.