Many students unaware of IGNITE insurance plan

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Campus News, IGNITE, Life

Melanie Valente-Leite, News Reporter

Even though they contribute to it with tuition fees, many students stressed by financial worries are unaware of the help IGNITE and Humber College provide in health and dental insurance.

“The average person who’s healthy typically won’t get sick,” said Shay Kedroe, vice president of IGNITE for North campus. “But then when you get sick, you need antibiotics, it costs money, some people don’t have that money in their pocket.

“We are all students, we all work. So, health coverage is something you should always have,” she said.

Many students are unaware that they pay for insurance through IGNITE. (Melanie Valente-Leite)

Since Humber opened in 1967, the student government tried its best to provide affordable health and dental care for their students and staff.

When paying tuition there is a $118 fee that goes towards the IGNITE health plan, yet what they provide for us is more than what students pay for.

Without the stress of insurance, students have the ability to focus more on their studies and future careers then whether or not they’ll be able to afford next month’s pills.

Support for health and wellness is money well spent, Ryan Stafford, vice-president of IGNITE for Lakeshore campus, told Et Cetera.

“Having the ability to get medication while you’re sick, or cure your toothache, sore shoulders, or pay for your glasses allows you to better focus on your study,” he said.

The argument for insurance is that it helps students with health care and dental costs. Many students who apply for OSAP for financial aid, and with the recent cuts to funding, it could be harder for students to pay for personal things such as root canals or birth control.

But for some students, insurance coverage can be pointless.

“It is a bit frustrating that I didn’t know I was paying for insurance beforehand,” said Kevin Ciolek, a Humber student studying Construction Engineering Technology.

Nevertheless, he acknowledges it has helps him “because I do have a lot of dental problems. At least for students without insurance, this is a blessing, for others, it’s just a waste of money,” he said.

IGNITE allows students to opt out of their fees if they feel they do not need it. If a student’s job, or are on their parents’ insurance, they can save the $118.