Marziali takes his act around world

by | Mar 13, 2015 | A&E

Samantha Juric

Humber alumni Sebastian Marziali, 25, jokes about being unleashed into the “real world” after graduating from the Creative and Performing Arts program.

It is merely days before opening night of the production of Blood Wedding, in which both Humber alumni Marziali and Bahareh Yaraghi are acting.

“The real world is terrifying,” Marziali said as he laughs.

Since his time at Humber, Marziali has been taking the world by storm travelling all over Latin America, Europe and North America with Aluna Theatre company, which is co-producing Blood Wedding at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre this March.

Marziali is excited to be acting and dancing in the production of Latin theatre’s staple playwright Federico Garcia Lorca.

Blood Wedding is a tragedy, deeply entrenched in the woes of a star-crossed love and lends to the forbidden romance genre of Romeo and Juliet but with a few Latin twists.

It seems that although Blood Wedding ends in tragedy Marziali’s time at Humber ended with the opportunity for many new beginnings in the world of the arts.

As if global trotting wasn’t enough, the young actor, director and producer has co-founded a theatre company of his own called Go Play Producing with fellow Humber alumni Pooria Fard and Kristina Abbondanza.

“Helping artists with Go Play Producing is always a challenge but one that is very rewarding and continually inspiring,” said Abbondanza.

The initial intention, Marziali explains, was to finish things that the group had begun while at Humber.

“We had the tools and knew how to produce and help others because they had helped prepare us to do that. We had the chance to test our skills while at Humber.”

For Marziali, life after Humber is satisfying.

Fellow Humber alumni Bahareh Yaraghi, 33, who graduated from the Creative and Performing Arts program as well, said she is still constantly learning, even after graduating nearly five years ago.

“Three years of training is never enough for an actor,” said Yaraghi.

Yaraghi is in line with Marziali’s enthusiastic attitude towards Humber’s Theatre program.

“It’s a great solid foundation. You get to figure out your own voice in the room, creatively and professionally,” said Yaraghi.

Yaraghi stars in Blood Wedding as the bride who finds herself torn between two men.

Marziali does let on that although his artistic journey has been gratifying there is a pressure, a necessity to become a jack-of-all-trades in the business.

“You need to do a little bit of everything,” Marziali said.

“I think it has gotten me farther in the game. I wouldn’t be where I am if I weren’t able to implement those skills,” he said.

Blood Wedding is now on at Buddies in Bad Times until March 29.