Matching holiday wine with meals gets easier

by | Nov 29, 2013 | News

Vanessa Campbell 
Culinary Reporter

More often than not people don’t know what wine to serve with turkey dinner over the holidays.

Natalie Maclean, Canadian journalist and editor of Canada’s most popular wine review site, is hosting a holiday wine match. The match is open to the public to vote for their favourite wines under $25 to pair with each international holiday dish.

Submissions were accepted last month and people were able to vote and submit via social media. The winners are to be announced tomorrow and a list of the best holiday wine and food pairings for each international holiday will be released.

Donna Kastle, nurse and wine-lover, said that people could still have a good wine with dinner without being an expert.

“If you’re dining out at a nice place, the servers will always have a suggestion for what wine will go well with the dish you’ve chosen.”

If you’re staying in, Kastle suggested that you try a lighter wine.

“My favourite is this red from Napa Valley. It goes well with everything because it’s not a full-bodied wine.”

Associates at the LCBO are also always there to assist when it comes to wine and food pairing. Genevieve Grella, LCBO employee, said that customers come in with wine pairing questions for all occasions.

“We don’t really get a lot of questions about different international dishes but I think that’s because of the demographic of this location. We’re usually asked about wines that go well with turkey, goat and red meats. And other times people just want a good wine for a Saturday night.”

Humber culinary student Arianna Balet, had suggestions for younger people unsure of what wine to buy.

“I think younger people usually like to drink white wines because they’re sweeter. One of my favourites is a Riesling, which is a German kind of wine. They’re not too sweet but they’re not too bitter or sour either so they usually go well with anything.”