Meerkat app allows live video streaming on Twitter

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Biz/Tech

Alex Drobin
Biz/Tech Reporter

A new live video-streaming application is blowing up the app world.

Meerkat, an innovative live video-streaming app has received a ton of positive attention thanks to its use at numerous music festivals and events.

As described on the Meerkat website, the app allows you to share live video through Twitter. Users are only able to watch video streams in real-time, and cannot record them to watch later.

The app launched less than a month ago and has already acquired more than 300,000 users.

The popular music festival South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, was a prime example of how successful this application has become.

Many users were streaming live feeds from concerts, allowing their Twitter followers to check out events as they were happening.

Marketing professionals around the world are jumping onto this new technology.

“We’re going to start featuring the best (basketball) game that we have every week and broadcasting it on Twitter through this app,” said Fahim Shaikh, 25, Marketing Director of the Mississauga Hoops basketball league.

“We are announcing that to our players and followers through our social media platforms so friends and family can watch games live from anywhere they’d like,” added Shaikh.

Adding an easily accessible live-streaming option to events brings more convenience to the public.

“I would use this app for sure,” said Guelph-Humber Media student Sydney Lawson, 18. “I take videos all the time, and having the option to stream them live is great.”

Although the application has been very successful thus far, the creators have run into a bit of a speed bump.

Twitter has recently acquired a video-streaming company similar to Meerkat, and have blocked off the app’s access to its social graph, meaning that users cannot automatically watch another user’s live-stream without following them first.

Even though that’s the case, Ben Rubin, Meerkat’s founder and CEO, is optimistic about the app’s future.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Rubin lists off celebrities that are using the app, which include Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Kimmel and Tony Hawk.

Kelly Gray, a technologist at Humber College, said that this app could have other, more meaningful uses.

“It’s a great way of performing citizen journalism – of holding police and government officials accountable in different situations,” said Gray.