Men’s volleyball loses tough five-set match with Sheridan

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Sports

Ashleigh Darrach
Sports reporter

The Humber Hawks men’s volleyball team dropped their first match in a fierce five set battle with the Sheridan Bruins on Wednesday evening.

Although the Hawks swept the Bruins in last year’s season series, they knew that this game would be tough considering the different dynamic of the team.

Humber had a great warm-up leading into the first set, and despite coming out strong, their defense allowed Sheridan to take the first set 25-22.

“Our defense is usually our strongest asset, and tonight it wasn’t where it needed to be,” Alex Lewicki, outside hitter said.

With a roaring crowd behind them, the Hawks came back full throttle ready to compete. It was good blocking that allowed the Hawks to take the second set 25-22.

The game went back-and-forth, both teams bringing their ‘A’ game.  Sheridan was digging up everything, and although they were scrambling a little at times, they were working hard. The Hawks were hitting well, managing to score with smart plays.

The Bruins won the third set 25-23 and Humber came back winning the fourth set 25-19.

The fifth – and final set ¬–was a dogfight. The Bruins took the lead early, Humber miss-hitting a few balls and also a few serves.

“We are usually a great serving team, arguably the best in the OCAA, but we missed a lot of serves. A big thing too is that we were kind of selective about when we pushed and when we eased off. We needed to push the whole time,” said Patrick Richardson, first-year setter for the Hawks.

When it came time to switch sides, the Hawks scored the next few points. Each team went back and forth with great serves but it was another miss hit that finished the game 17-15 for Sheridan.

“We need to get into practice and remember the team values and expectations and what is required to compete at this level every day. Back to the drawing board,” head coach Wayne Wilkins said