Men’s women’s volleyball roll over Golden Shields

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Sports

Erian Amor De Los Reyes
Sports Reporter

Humber Hawks served up a crushing loss to Cambrian Golden Shield men’s volleyball team on Nov. 28.

Simon Smyth, Heyden McIntyre and Clayton Blanchette served with precision and blinding speed, securing the Hawks their sixth win of the season.

Humber hosted both men’s and women’s volleyball against the Cambrian’s Golden Shields and after watching the women’s team win in the first match Saturday, the men pumped themselves up for the battle ahead.

During the men’s first of three games, the Hawks shut out the Golden Shields with superb defense deflecting most of Cambrian’s spikes and hits.

Nathan Murdock and Blanchette, both outside hitters, kept the attacks coming. This earned the Hawk’s their first game win at 25-13.

The Golden Shield’s head coach, Tom Sutton said his team needed to work together. The Hawks took advantage of their porous defense.

Smyth and McIntyre dominated the second of the three game match with their service.

Simon Smyth, the Hawks setter, served up five service scores during the second game. Smyth said the Hawks put a lot of pressure on the Golden Shields from the beginning that helped them win the game.

“We didn’t play down (to) the opponent… for lesser teams we might be tempted to play down to their level but we didn’t today,” said Smyth.

Despite a valiant effort by the Golden Shields, Hawks beat them in the second game with a 25-16 score.

In the final game, the Hawks continued their assault with spikes and service to fall through on their opponent’s defense forcing their defense to tighten up.

Tristan Trieu, who played the middle for the Hawks, said the win was expected because Cambrian isn’t a tough team to beat.

“We’re 6-2 right now,” said Trieu “I think we’re looking good for finals.”

The Hawks won the final game 25-11, after the final service hit its mark.

Wayne Wilkins, head coach of the Humber Hawks, said his team’s refusal to play down to the opponent was a key to winning the game.

“They kept their pace of game, they’re controlled, and their offense was on par,” said Wilkins.

“In a game where you play an opponent that may not be your top four opponent, sometimes it’s easy to get caught in a trap and play at their level, and they didn’t,” he said.

Both Hawk volleyball treamswill ve facing offf the Sheridan Bruins just after the break, here at Humber on Jan. 14.