Mental health fair promotes awareness

by | Nov 6, 2015 | News

Christine Tippett
Senior Reporter

A mental health fair to help students cope with stress and mental problems while maintaining their well-being, took pace at the Learning Resource Commons Tuesday.

Nursing students, who organized the event were on the mission to educate the rest of the Humber population on various ways to recognize and manage anxiety and depression.

“Your mental health is a basis for success. If your mental health is not there, how you are going to cope with academic achievement and so on?” said Kindness Bethram, organizer of the fair at North campus.

Mental health is a very important part of our well-being, which is why Humber offers students numerous resources including free counseling, a 24-hour helpline and nurses that specialize in mental health.

But students are not aware of those resources so the organizers were there to spread the word.

“We have a lot available,” Veronica Davis-Freeman said, “when we’re doing your [students’] needs assessment we find out that students don’t really know what’s available.”

Making students aware of those resources is the main focus of the fair.

Organizers are hoping to also start dialog among students.

“Everybody goes through something in regard to mental health. And there’s such a stigma towards it. Everybody thinks mental health is weird. It is not. Everybody is suffering from anxiety or sadness or depression. We just want to normalize it.” Samantha Da Silva, one of the organizers said.

Mental health fair also meant to deliver a strong message.

“You have to know that if you are not going to ask for help, you are not going to get the help. And you surely do deserve help. And you’re not alone.”

It’s been said that one in five people is suffering from a mental illness. The more issues that are addressed, the more students are going to seek help.

With files from Serge Halytsky