Mitts and Meals Drive raise 2,400 pounds of donations

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Life

Jaeybee Martinito, Arts Reporter

A Humber international student from India, who says Canada has given her a lot, received an opportunity to give back through the recent Mitts and Meals Drive. 

Manpreet Manpreet, a second-year Hospitality Event Management student, said such things are only done by boys in her home country and “Canada has proven to me that I can stand on my own and that I can do this work.” 

Mitts and Meals was a two-day drive in collaboration with Humber community programs, Jamestown Food Bank and Youth Without Shelter. The goal was to raise 2,400 pounds of donations such as non-perishable items and warm clothing that will go to the less privileged during the holiday season. 

Manpreet Manpreet and Thuy Jay Le feels grateful that they have found a family within their class, giving back to the community. (Jaeybee Martinito)

It was both a learning process and credit towards their final mark this semester. 

Dalia Mostafa, another student in the program, said she wished the event could be held more often because there are community needs all-year round, not just at Christmas.

“It’s pretty humbling and I feel so grateful,” she said. “I love seeing the community work for a greater cause.”

The drive was an eye-opener for students, especially in providing a look at the experience of homelessness and in youth shelters. Students were required to research the number of young people on the streets and found that more than 2,000 have no home. 

Tracey Greiveson, a professor in the program, said the class offered a behind-the-scenes look of what’s happening in the city.

“These international students get a picture that they are in a country of many possible opportunities,” she said. 

The donations will be sent out to the programs Wednesday.