More parking at Humber not coming soon

by | Dec 4, 2015 | News

Laura Dart
News Reporter

Is Humber finally going to get more parking spaces? Maybe so, but it won’t be anytime soon.

A multi-story parking lot is being discussed but while talks may now be in the works, it’s still not set in stone.

Rob Kilfoyle, director of Public Safety and Emergency Management at North campus, said earlier this semester that Humber won’t see any new additional parking spots in the next few years but the college is “looking at the next three to four years (to) building a parking structure, an elevated multilevel parking structure on campus.”

If a structure is built, it would be where Parking Lot 4 is now, he said.

“There is no concept as of yet, although we are planning to locate it overtop of Lot #4,” said Kilfoyle said last week. “Unfortunately, not a whole lot has been decided on the parking garage just yet, other than it’s basic concept.

“I do believe we are looking upwards of a maximum of 1000 parking stalls, but that will largely depend on the cost of the project,” he said. “It could get scaled back based on what’s affordable.”

Parking is a perennial problem at the college as it accommodate more students. The pressure to address parking  issues is constant.

“The school needs to hurry up with getting this situation organized,” said Brandon Mohan, 23, a Film and Television production student.

“It’s the biggest inconvenience not having the available parking on campus and now students are being forced to pay for the shuttle bus from queen’s plate too,” he said.

Kilfoyle says the parking spaces are already available may be out of commission when building the parkade, but in the final development the 154 spaces in Lot #4 are planning to be incorporated.

“I don’t know how many levels the parking deck will be, but there are building height restrictions in the area due to us being on one of the flight paths, so it won’t likely be much taller than the existing LRC or hospital located across the street,” he said.

Although there’s a chance that the students concerns are being addressed for additional parking, many days of driving in circles to find a parking spot are still ahead.

“The school continuously drains students of their money and the only thing they’ve done is cause more of an inconvenience than ever,” said Mohan

“Obviously more parking would be great, but its not like it will matter to me in 4 years since I graduate in 6 months,” he said.

A substantial wait remains until there is a solution to parking issues on campus, but there is hope for future students choosing Humber.