Movember is time for true support

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Editorial

Ah, November. The trees are almost bare, pumpkin spice lattes are slowly fading into peppermint tea and Christmas carols have begun. Oh, and men across the globe are growing moustaches and supposedly raising money for prostate cancer, other male cancers and men’s mental health. We say supposedly because every year you see moustaches at every block, classroom and coffee shop, but rarely do you see Facebook posts asking for money to be raised for the cause.

This concern is raised every year, and while a few years ago it was minimal, now that Movember has taken over the men in our lives for 12 years (yes, since 2003) isn’t it high time participants are actually raising money and supporting this cause rather than just trying to prove they can grow a mo’. Of course this is generalizing men’s efforts and there are many commendable acts as seen by the success and growth of the month. Movember, the organization, has raised over $6.75 million since beginning, but we think it’s a fair time to say if you’re participating in Movember, raise money.

This isn’t the only cause with which this happens: men, women, teens, adults, companies and teams participate in a fad or challenge or Instagram spam instead of donating money to the cause. The ALS bucket challenge took over social media, but how many people who you know actually donated to the cause after warming up from the ice bucket over their head? How many people who you know that actually participated knew WHY they were pouring an ice bucket all over themselves? We just want to stress this month to learn about Movember and what they’re doing for men around the world.

Looking into Movember we’ve realized there is more to the cause than ever before. Over 1,000 programs have been supported by Movember since its beginning 12 years ago and that’s something worth recognizing and using as motivation to help out more this year. Men’s mental health has become a large aspect of Movember – whether the public and their moustaches are aware of this, we don’t know. Their website states that three out of every four suicides are committed by men. Over 510,000 men commit suicide globally every year. Every minute, a man commits suicide somewhere in the world. That’s alarming and Movember is trying to help that, but we bet there would be more support to the cause if people were aware of the programs supported by the money raised through the month’s awareness.

Apart from the hard facts it’s crucial to, along with trying to get that ‘stache coming in strong, educate yourself on the cause and ask your friends and family to support you in helping with men’s mental and physical health. The awareness in November is great to raise money while also reminding men to get screened and tested for prostate and testicular cancer early on, hopefully preventing the risk of a worse condition.

Use this reminder and information to motivate you in being behind Movember’s cause. Remember when you were younger and collected pennies for Unicef? Well, you probably didn’t do that this year, so ask for a dollar. Five dollars. Twenty dollars.

Visit and read up on what you could be supporting. And we hope women realize they have the chance to help as well. Another common trend is women not shaving their legs for the month. You didn’t really need to anyways, it’s so cold out. But you have the same duty as a man growing a moustache to raise some money, bring some awareness and be a supportive member of the community helping men’s health.

Be proud of whatever hair you grow this month – moustaches, leg hair, armpits, whatever floats your boat.

This is an accomplishment and we applaud every man and woman at Humber this month that grows even one extra hair. Go you! We just ask that you come together and raise money for the cause you’re publically supporting and understand what and who you are representing. When you wear a moustache this month, be proud to announce that you are working for a cause that will help men around the world and you are saving lives.