MoveU in lead to bring fitness plan to students

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Sports

By Jessica Dempsey 
Sports Reporter

Two prominent Ontario post-secondary institutions are leading the way in student physical activity and Humber is running to catch up.

MoveU is a program run by the University of Toronto, Sheridan College and ParticipACTION to help promote physical activity.

It is bringing physical activities to students and makes it easier for them to access, especially to those who are intimidated by going to athletic centres.

Karla Windatt, a peer mentor for MoveU at Sheridan College, said that physical activity helps increase retention, memory and improves academics.

“I feel when I have a test coming up and when I’m on my butt all night studying, it is good to get up and go for a walk or do some squats and get moving. I’ve seen a difference,” Windatt said.

Humber College does not participate in the MoveU program but is starting to acknowledge the importance of bringing physical activities to students.

Vice President of Student Life at Humber North Campus Ahmet Tahir said that HSF doesn’t focus on physical activity but it does focus on health.

“We are doing a yoga class in conjunction with athletics. At Lakeshore we are doing a glow-in-the-dark one,” said Tahir.

While only University of Toronto and Sheridan College participate in this program, there are opportunities for other schools to try it as well. Schools can develop their own programs based on MoveU.

“It is worth exploring because (of) the kind of impact and uptake we have had on students accessing our facilities,” said Ayana Webb, former coordinator of MoveU at the University of Toronto.

MoveU aims to get usually sedentary students active. Improving the students’ confidence in staying active helps to promote membership in organized sports and going to the Athletic Centre.

“It looks interesting, it is something I can see HSF getting on board with depending on what it actually entails,” Tahir said.