Nature RX explores natural mindfulness at Humber’s Arboretum

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Life

Hassain Jawad
Life Reporter

A new Humber Arboretum programs seeks to recharge the soul by reconnecting with nature.

The Nature RX is aimed directly at giving techniques to natural mindfulness and helping people connect with the natural world, according to the event description on the Humber website.

The Nature RX tour is an eight-part series held twice a week for four weeks. It is led by Harold St. George from Project Soul — which is a life coaching program — along with Humber Arboretum nature interpreter Tanisha Rajput.

Walks will be taken throughout the series exploring different areas of the Arboretum.

Humber College began Nature RX in order to promote a healthy and inclusive community.

According to Humber’s website, this is a way for Humber to prioritize keeping people in touch with nature and acknowledging their surrounding as well as strengthening the mind.
St. George said North America has lost touch with nature and strengthening the mind.

“People in the Western world don’t take time off their day for themselves and are constantly stressed about life,” he said. “Natural Mindfulness is a great way to heal high stress levels.”

There are plenty of techniques for natural mindfulness, St. George said. One technique is simply just setting time out of your day to focus on the present moment, he said.

During this time, you should not be worried about work or anything else in life other than what is present, St. George said.

Meditation is strongly used as an effective way for natural mindfulness from the Nature RX event.

Within the Nature RX sessions, participants are taken into the Arboretums most nature-filled areas to walk along and enjoy what nature has to offer. This helps with natural mindfulness since it is the most comforting and relaxing place to be in, St. George said.

After the walk, they begin the meditation which is the final part and that is where the participants are seen performing the relaxation segment.

“Yoga is essentially practice for natural mindfulness and motion,” St. George said. “Develop mindfulness through Hatha Style Yoga”