Brandon Maron
Arts Reporter

Fredericks won the IGNITE’s NBA 2K18 tournament on Feb. 13 in the IGNITE game room at Humber’s North campus, and he walked away with the top prize, tickets to a Toronto Raptors game. There were other prizes available for students.

The person Fredericks lost to in the finals last year was much better than him and he said he stood no chance if he competed again.

“I was honestly worried that he’d be back this year. His defence in the game was great. He held me to like 30 points,” Fredericks said.

IGNITE Vice-President Stokely Lindo (far right) handing winner Liam Fredericks Toronto Raptors tickets. (Brandon Maron)

Playing as the Philadelphia 76ers, Fredericks won his first game after hitting a game-winning shot in the final seconds. In the semi-final match, he held an impressive 15-point lead before his opponent began to catch up.

The comeback was short-lived, however, securing Fredericks’ spot in the final for the second year in a row.

The final game was tight until the very end when Fredericks made a few key defensive stops and capitalized. Fredericks ended up winning the game and the Raptors tickets, redeeming himself after his crushing loss last year.

“I think I have to bring my girlfriend. But if she can’t or doesn’t want to go then I’d probably bring the guy I beat in the finals” said Fredericks.

Despite playing as the 76ers, he’s a Raptors fan first and foremost and is excited to see them play live against the Detroit Pistons on Feb. 26.

Nikki Sandhu, the IGNITE staff member in charge of running the annual semester gaming tournament, explained that NBA 2K18 isn’t the only game students can compete in.

“We try to do at least one tournament per semester. Last semester we had a FIFA one scheduled but due to the strike it didn’t end up happening, so this is actually our first of the year,” said Sandhu,

IGNITE’s game room can be found in the food emporium in KX2101 and has nine televisions with eight Xbox Ones and one Wii U. For the non-gamers, there are four pool tables. All that’s needed is a student card to sign in and play.