David Pastor, Biz/Tech Reporter

There’s a new way to purchase medication at the North Campus.

An automated vending machine kiosk by SpotRx Pharmacy was installed over the summer on the second floor of the Learning Resource Commons, outside the Student Wellness Centre.

Humber and MedAvail teamed up to revolutionize the way medication is dispensed with an “innovative new product.”

The vending machine provides health conscience students with over-the-counter medications to help with the relief of pain and fever, stomach remedies and vitamins and supplements.

 “It’s pretty much exactly how a pharmacist would run, except they’re not there with you,” said Shaine Trinidad, a third-year nursing student.

The kiosk saves students a trip to the pharmacy and any questions they have can easily be answered by a licensed Ontario pharmacist over the phone through video chat.

 “I was actually going to go to Shoppers to get my prescriptions, and then the front desk told me that I could use this machine instead,” said Irene Wu, a first-year interior design student.

The innovative product also has an app called SpotRx Canada that students can use to purchase their prescriptions or any other medication through their phones.

Destinee Perry, a second-year Event Management student, said she thinks the convenience of having an app along with the vending machine is beneficial for all students.

“They don’t really have to line up at the bookstore to try to get Advil if they have a headache that day,” she said.

“There are still some quirks to kind of figure out which is why when I wanted these over-the-counter caffeine pills, they said that it was available in stock, but it wasn’t, so they told me when it would be available and then also had really good customer service care,” Perry said.

“They just decided to give me a Tim Hortons card later on just to apologize because they’re figuring out the quirks and everything,” she said.

MedAvail will provide students who are looking to purchase specific medications that aren’t in stock with free delivery as long as they live within five kilometres from any SpotRx kiosk.

Shaine Trinidad, a third year nursing student, pours her prescription into her hand in front of the SpotRx kiosk. (David Pastor)

“It’s meant to be 24-7, [but] we’re not 24-7,” said Jacqueline Anderson, the associate director of Student Wellness and Development. She said doors close to the LRC after 10 p.m. and the college is looking for a locale that is more accessible.

There are plans to add two additional kisoks—one at North and one at Lakeshore.

Humber held an event between Sept. 17 to 19 that gave students the opportunity to learn, ask questions about the kiosks and possibly win a prize.

“The whole objective of this event is just to create awareness to the pharmacy,” said Huda Wali, the client success manager of MedAvail. “I know a lot of students are still trying to figure out where their classes are, what services are available.”

“So, we just wanted to take the time and be on campus to answer any questions that students may have about the pharmacy, where it’s located, what they can get or how they can fill their prescriptions,” she said.