New club on campus looks to increase physical activity

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Campus News, News

Jahnelle Simpson


Humber intends on walking away from the unhealthy student lifestyle by focusing more  importance on daily activity.

Exercise is Medicine on Campus is a student-based committee starting a new club on North campus to increase physical activity.

EIMC prides itself on having knowledge on the benefits of physical activity, but they also fear that many students are not aware of these benefits.

So, the walking club, which hasn’t launched yet, is looking to fix that problem.

President of EIMC Michelle Scibiwolk said the walking club will be a weekly event to promote physical activity. It won’t be intense so everyone will be able to do it.

Students usually have a hard time going to the gym and pushing themselves to do strenuous activity, said events coordinator of EIMC Megan Logeman.

She said it’s difficult for a student on a budget to stay in shape. Logeman said part of the reason she’s involved is to motivate herself into getting active.

The club will feature a series of walks throughout the Arboretum which will be available to all Humber students.

With the increase in student activity on campus EIMC hopes to create a healthier attitude amongst the student body and enhance learning.

A 2015 study conducted by Active Living Research observed 287 students during the school year to find a relationship between physical activity and academic performance.

Students who were placed in exercise classes throughout the course of the year had higher scores on standardized tests.

The study concluded that increased physical activity can better your performance in school.

Walk and Talk is a free event, and Logeman said “students love free” which will perhaps encourage students to take advantage of the event and get more active.