New Humber Barrett Centre helps tech students succeed

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Biz/Tech, Headlines, North

Patrick Simpson, Biz/Tech Reporter

Students showcased what could be the future of technology learning at the newly opened Barrett Centre.

Humber College has been showing off its new Barrett Centre this month through various guided tours of the building. A number of Humber electrical engineering students set up booths to showcase their own work and projects that could be used at the Barrett Centre by future Applied Technology students.

Zachary Goodman, a third-year Electrical Engineering student at Humber College, demonstrated his Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) project during a recent tour at the centre. He worked alongside a small group of electrical students to put together their automated robot.

Goodman, along with a number of applied technology students, worked with Humber and its partnered technology companies to build and construct various projects.

A main focus of the new building will be to act as a way for applied technology students to collaborate and work together with companies to build specialized skills and solve real-world problems.

Jeff Banaligan, a third-year Electrical Engineering student, uses a headset to showcase the benefits of VR in applied technology. During a recent tour of the Humber College Barrett Centre. (Patrick Simpson)

Goodman worked with manufacturing company SEW-Eurodrive as part of his school project to develop and build his robot.

He said working directly with technology companies helped him develop his workplace skills.

“I definitely 100 per cent agree that this project and working with all the companies that we have, has definitely helped me learn many things, both technically and like soft skills like working with certain people,” Goodman said.

Owen Allan, a first-year Electrical Engineering student, also had a booth at the Barrett Centre.

He worked alongside other first year students in the Electrical Engineering program to build and program an automated robot. The assignment was part of a series of educational booths to show elementary and high school students the benefits of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“We’re using it to show off its capabilities and what it can do, but normally we use it to introduce kids into the STEM fields, and then basically get them interested with the end goal of them coming to Humber and learning more about this field,” Allan said.

Owen Allan, a first-year Electrical Engineering student, standing near a maze he and a group of students created to showcase STEM projects at Humber. During a recent Tour at the Barrett Centre. (Patrick Simpson)

He said the Barrett Centre has a lot of technology that Humber students can look forward to using in their studies.

“It is actually amazing, the technologies you’ll see around here,” Allan said.

“It’s insane the technology you see in this building,” he said.

During the April 10 grand opening of the Barrett Centre, Chris Whitaker, President and CEO of Humber College, said the new building will help students adapt to a changing landscape.

“With this centre, we will continue to be a leader in polytechnic education and prepare learners for a rapidly changing workforce,” he said.

“We will also help organizations across sectors in testing new technologies, conducting applied research, and providing solutions based thinking to help them be globally competitive,” Whitaker said.

Goodman said he’s excited for future students who will be using the facilities at the Barrett Centre.

“I’m super excited for the next year students. they’re going to be working on this AGV as well as other projects in this CTI (Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation),” he said.

“I think the facility itself is fantastic, and all the equipment that is here and that is going to come here in the next few years is going to be phenomenal for students to learn with,” Goodman said.