New Venture Seed Fund winner uses music to inspire and motivate

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Aabida Dhanji
Biz/Tech Reporter

Humber’s New Venture Seed Fund is supporting ColinResponse’s dream to help others keep their dreams.

The Bachelor of Music student at Humber’s Lakeshore campus is using his stage name, ColinResponse, as the name of the business he launched in 2010 to show students how to stay committed and follow their dreams the way he did.

ColinResponse is one of the winners of this year’s New Venture program. This fund gave out monetary help to student startups

The money gives him the opportunity to help pay for equipment he needs for the company, including the costs of creating videos, a website, and technical production.

The money from the fund covers a fraction of the costs, said ColinResponse, but the  seed money helps greatly as startup capital for the technical equipment.

“The idea around ColinResponse is that I’d like to take it into affecting others in a positive light. We are geared towards all students and music is there to draw a parallel between what my passion was and what I did pursuing that,” he said.

A pop/soul artist on the stage, ColinResponse plans to move his workshops into highschools this fall with his band to talk to students about developing skills that are going to help them find success in their lives.

“It gives students motivation and encouragement to keep trying even though it may seem tough,” said Grade 10 student Raeesha Rajan. “He’s gone through it himself and he is fine. Which is reassuring to students. He is motivation to go for your passion.”

“I think ColinResponse is great, he has a nice voice, groovy style and I like the fact that he works with live musicians. I feel like his workshops would definitely help me out because music is a passion of mine as well,” said Sarah Thawer, a music major at York University.

“It would definitely help me out,” said Ayaz Amlani, a third year student at York University.

“Forms of art such as music can really send a strong message, especially with such a digital generation associated with entertainment and various figures,” Amlani said.

“Learning from such an artist’s story, challenges, and successes through such expression may have a strong, unique, personal, and memorable experience on someone’s life and positively impact their goals and motivation,” said Amlani.

In the next three to five years, ColinResponse said he would like the business to be fully self-sufficient.

He wants the work he does with high schools and universities to be recognized.