New Year, new me: a resolution to do better

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Life

Sean Marco, News Reporter

With 2019 upon us, many have started their path to a new way of life, a direction they’ve tried four, five, maybe six times before.

Welcome to the struggles of keeping New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions can be something as simple, or not so simple, as losing weight to something, well, odd.

In the case of first year Humber electrical engineering student, Janmar Doquenia, his New Year’s resolution is to put $5 in his savings account on every odd day of the month.

He wants to save more and spend less.

“I noticed the amount of money I spend on food and random things during first semester and it’s a crazy total,” Doquenia said.

He is also looking to spend his money on something worthwhile other than food, and hopes to go on a vacation during the summer.

First year electrical engineering Humber student, Janmar Doquenia keeping up with his new habits. (Sean Marco)

On top of saving money,
Doquenia is also looking to do better in school.

He’s started a new sleeping schedule where he goes to bed at 10 p.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m.

“With my new sleeping schedule, I have more time to do things,”
Doquenia said. “It was hard at first and it still is sometimes, but my body is starting to get used to it.”

He was getting grades in the low 70’s, Doquenia said he is looking to bump up his grades to the high 80s.

His friend and classmate Benjamin Joson said he’s noticed a change in his buddy.

“Janmar was a different student last semester,” he said. “I know it’s only (a few) weeks into school but his work ethic is better and it affects our friend group as a whole in a positive way.”

Joson said he doesn’t have a New Year’s resolution but is looking to follow Doquenia’s work ethic when it comes to school. 

From saving money to saving grades, Doquenia has his work cut out for him but is ready for the challenge. With support from friends and family and extra effort, he’s said this new change of habits is very attainable.