New Year resolve leads to gym but hard to stay

by | Dec 5, 2014 | News

Clare Jenkins
Environment Reporter

Humber College students are planning for a fresh and fit start to the new year.

The holiday break is so close that students can almost taste it and with a new year comes new hopes and promises – New Year’s resolutions.

Almost everyone makes them. Some of them are kept and some aren’t.

“I want to get fit and this is the year I’m going to do it,” says Shannon MacAskill, 20, a first-year Early Childhood Education student.

“Last year my resolution was to do well in school and I’m keeping that up. So this year I’m getting fit,” she said.

This, of course, is the same resolution many students have made at some point.

“We call it the Jan. 2 rush,” said Joey Raven, 31, a Snap Fitness employee. “Everyone plans to make this year the year to lose weight, so on January 2 we get a surplus of people signing up for memberships and sessions with personal trainers.”

“A few weeks later they stop showing up for their sessions and we see less and less people coming in,” Raven said.

Bryan Peroune, 19, a second-year Health and Fitness Promotion student, said he understands why the motivation to get to the gym drops suddenly a few weeks into January.

“People set their expectations too high,” Peroune said. “People think working out means going to the gym and grinding it for two hours when really that’s too much for a lot of people.”

He said those who would like to maintain their fitness resolutions need to set realistic goals.

“A lot of people who don’t go to the gym during the year actually don’t have time for it. So what makes you think you’re randomly going to have more time in the new year?” he asked.

“Try home workouts. They can fit into anyone’s schedule and can be pretty much free,” Peroune said.

“If you want to maintain your goals, you have to make the time. Set aside half an hour a day and you will see a difference after a while.”

MacAskill said she plans to take advantage of the Humber fitness centre in the new year.

“My schedule leaves me with a few three-hour gaps. So, this semester, instead of going home, I’m going to hit the gym,” she said.

“That way I’m not losing any time, just taking advantage of the time I already have.”