No Canadian left behind: Liberals makes their promise

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Federal Election, Opinion

Jacob Wilson-Hajdu
Sports Editor

After meeting our newly elected Prime Minister this weekend, I knew our country was about to begin on a progressive path to creating real change.

Before Justin Trudeau even stepped onto the Thunder Bay Airport tarmac Sunday night, a hush fell over the crowd of 800. As he ran down the stairs of his 357, Trudeau first greeted my mother with a hug and then addressed the gathering on how they are about to change our country. A sea of red surrounded our soon-to-be Prime Minister-elect, who was visiting seven cities the day before the election. I closely watched as my mother, now the elected Liberal MP for Superior North riding, stood by his side and helped create Canadian history. This is a moment I will never forget.

One attribute of the Liberal party is their ability to stay humble. I had the privilege of overhearing conference calls, which all candidates listened to the night before the election and the most important message the party seemed to repeat was to stay humble, no matter what the following night’s outcome may be. This is such an important value while looking at the character of our leaders of this country. It reminded me of how Trudeau decided to always focus on our country, rather than his opponents’ flaws throughout his whole campaign and how he created a platform that will strive to bring equality for every Canadian. This is the kind of Canada we need. We need to be able to step back and look at ourselves and prepare to invest in all Canadians. We are about to watch a government humbly work for the middle class and re-gain the trust of Canadians that was so diminished during the 10 years of the Harper era.

To be a part of such an event was more than memorable. My mother has come from a realm of dealing with social policy to now being able to have a hand in carving it. She is the first female MP in our riding, representing the needs of our community by pushing for affordable housing, inquiring about missing indigenous and aboriginal women and promoting a sensible drug policy.  Since we have a majority government, the Liberals have a pathway to forming real changes in Parliament and most importantly our country.

What is to come? Well first Trudeau has started to create his cabinet, which will be tightened, and announced Nov. 4th. From then on, it’s only hard work. Speculations from the National Post say that Trudeau will first address issues such as the legalization of marijuana and the sale of F-35’s.

These are just first steps. Within the next four years, we will start to see fast changes in the operation of our government that will improve the lives of all Canadians.