North and Lakeshore face off in cricket tournament

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Lakeshore, North, Sports

Kyle Drinnan, Sports Reporter

The talk on the cold Friday morning last week at the Centennial Cricket Tournament was the playoff match between the two Humbers, North and Lakeshore campuses.

Cricket players from nine different colleges invaded Centennial’s Progress campus in Scarborough to play the sport where the players were safe from the dreaded chill as they played in the gym despite cricket being an outdoor sport.

Lakeshore’s Khan Roach (left) and Darsh Bhawsar (middle) lost to Gagan Thakkar (right) and the North campus team at a tournament at Centennial College. North won the championship 55-53 over the Centennial Colts. (Kyle Drinnan)

Humber was the only school to have two teams that played in the tournament. The Humber team is a dominating force and having them split in two for a tournament eventually saw two giants playing each other. 

“Off the field they are like brothers, but on the field, they want to win more compared to other team,” said Humber North’s head coach Taqi Baig.

Both schools won two of their round-robin games against other colleges before the semifinals were decided. Lakeshore learned in the morning of the tournament that their opponent was the North campus team. 

The North team were at a disadvantage being one player short. Zafar Nauman who is a leader among all cricket players at Humber was away in the West Indies to play for the Canadian National team.

But without Zafar, they were playing on as cricket is usually played on grass instead of concrete, the teams were determined to bring their best to the game with no excuses.

“It’s part of playing the sport, we have to be ready for everything. We have to be prepared for snow playing in Canada,” Humber Lakeshore player Arshid Shah said. 

Players were feeling the pressure because even though they were up against a familiar opponent, friends representing the same school, the desire to win was greater than usual.

“It will be a fast-paced game, it gets competitive but it isn’t like other games,” Shah said. “We want to win.”

In the stands watching were members of the Centennial Colts who won their semifinals match and was watching who their opponent will be in the final. 

Humber Lakeshore was first to the wicket. Humber North bowled well with keeping Lakeshore at 38/5 in six overs. The game was tense but because the players knew each other, smiles were present and the odd joke was thrown to the other team.

However, Lakeshore came back in the second inning with strong bowling and fielding. North needed eight to win with one wicket. 

On the last ball, Humber North hit it to tie the game, and then got one more run to win the game. 

It was a precursor for the game that followed. North campus won the tournament beating the Colts 55-53. 

In the end, the school was united in the victory even if half of them lost. Onto the next tournament where their plan to take over Canada is still on their to-do list.