North space gallery gets revamp

by | Sep 30, 2016 | A&E, News

Matthew Owczarz

Humber Galleries has combined creative expression with advanced technology into its newly relaunched digital gallery.

The North Space gallery opened on Sept. 6 to allow students and faculty to discover how digital technology is shaping the future of teaching, learning and creative expression outside the classroom.

“It’s really built on the theme of exploring what digital technology means in a very rapidly changing landscape,” said Ashley Watson, curator for Humber Galleries.

The North Space originally opened in September 2015 in the Learning Resource Commons but underwent renovations this past summer that made the gallery 100 per cent digital.

“Rather than physical pieces we use more video, slide shows, interactive pieces and lean into the technological aspect,” said Digital Content and Marketing coordinator Casey Norris. “That means we use more projectors, mobile televisions, and groups of iPads.”

The programing for the gallery was done a year in advance for this year’s exhibitions and collections, Watson said.

“Currently, the gallery is hosting an exhibit called Defining the Digital: At the Intersection of Creativity and Digital Technology, until Sept. 30.

The world of digital technology is constantly evolving, and the gallery will evolve right along with it.

“Projectors are really the sort of main technology in the space right now,” Watson said. “That was step one, and now we’re looking at the longer process at what comes in the next phase and the phase after that.”

Students and faculty are welcome to visit the gallery space located on the first floor of the LRC on North campus, open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“It’s a good idea to see what advanced technology can do for student learning,” said 3D Animation student Alessio De Francesca.  “It’s good to be forward minded and adapt to technology that is constantly up-to-date instead of leaning back on textbooks and things that become out-dated fast.”

Watson said what’s on display reflects the evolution occurring in the modern school.

“Anything we do is really related back to the changes in the educational landscape and that reflects on improving digital literacy skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills,” Watson said. “These all come back to a space like this.”