OCAA rolls out new streaming service

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Sports

Jayvon Mitchum, Sports Reporter

Over 50 seasons, the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) has gone through many transitions especially with its new streaming service, OCAA Live. The streaming service lets anyone watch games from colleges across Ontario.

This widens the atmosphere for students that want to watch their favourite games with Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets. Users can also watch games with AppleTV, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku smart TVs.

Brian Lepp, Humber’s coordinator of Sports Information, said coverage and quality will depend on all colleges filming their games and making them available via OCAA Live. 

“It all depends on each school and how they live-stream,” Lepp said. 

Shae Phillips, Hawks men’s basketball player, was enthusiastic about the initiative.

“I think it’s really good, especially for a lot of people who don’t watch sports as much,” Phillips said.  “People who are in first or second year, and in post-secondary that want to get more involved with extra-curriculars in their school, then this is it.” 

This will give athletes a chance to keep tabs on the competition. 

“I could just be at home, on my phone and I could just tune in, watch the game while I’m doing homework, or eating dinner, stuff like that, so I think it’s really good in that aspect,” he said. Humber student Noel Hunnigan, a first-year Behavioural Science student, said OCAA Live will be more convenient than finding the websites of other schools in order to follow games.

“I tried it a couple of times and I found it accessible to use, just because I didn’t have to go towards other school websites to get games on my phone and my laptop,” Hunnigan said.

Lepp understands most colleges’ will support and cooperate with OCAA filming their games. It could open doors for many students not willing to travel far for different school games.

“It’s just an essential source for the streams,” Lepp said.