Off-season for athletes time to mend, maintain

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Feature, Sports

Greg Chow 
Sports Reporter 

With the season coming to an end for some of Humber College’s fall varsity sports teams, an important question arises – what do athletes do in their off-season?

“Hopefully they will be committing more time to their academics,” varsity athletic coordinator Monique Haan said jokingly.

“You’ll see them in the gym more often, putting on some more weight and doing a little more weight training, and some will even participate in intermural and extramural sport leagues, ” Haan said.

An athlete can’t really stop being an athlete, but for some, the end of a varsity season means a chance to take a break from the regime of performing every day.

Pitcher for the women’s softball team and first-year Fitness and Health Promotion student Amanda Van De-Graaf said the break is best for “catching up on sleep, recovering from any injuries.”

The off-season is also a great time for athletes to catch up on being socially involved with friends and family.

“There would be days where I had to leave my house at 5:30 (in the morning) and wouldn’t see my dad until the next morning because we had a late practice and I had to catch up on my homework that I missed when I was at my sport,” explains Carley Stewart, a catcher/outfielder for Humber’s softball team who is also in her first year of the Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist Assistant program.

Despite all the injuries, large amounts of homework piling up and sleep-deprived nights, some of Humber’s athletes and faculty still strongly believe in keeping in shape, staying healthy and keeping an athlete’s mentality an important part of their off-season.

“We have a great student athlete’s gym, everything is new,” said co-head coach of the women’s cross-country team, Teresa Arnini. Arnini also takes the off-season time to help train some of the athletes and works as a personal trainer.

The athletes take their off-season health seriously and aim to keep themselves in game-ready shape, even if they’re a season separated from another performance.

“I keep as active as I can in my everyday life. I choose stairs over elevators, make sure I’m doing proper motions so I don’t hurt myself,” Stewart said.