OnTheHub offers students discounts on Adobe CC, Office software

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Biz/Tech

Nicholas Rahmon, Biz/Tech reporter

Mikayla Mercer, a Media Communications student, wanted to work on her projects outside of school but couldn’t afford Adobe licencing.

“A yearly cost was involved which was hard to balance,” she said. 

Humber OnTheHub, an online portal to discounted software, saved Mercer $130 on a 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud licence that normally costs $260.

“In finding the Hub website, it’s the best decision I’ve made this school year, and now I’m prepared for upcoming projects,” she said.

Humber is partnered with Kivuto, a software distribution company, to create Humber OnTheHub. 

“The portal was set up in 2010 as we were the exclusive distributor for a Microsoft Program for which Humber was entitled,” said Paz Moaz, account executive with Kivuto. “Humber came on board with Kivuto Cloud in September of 2018.” 

Moaz said there are three business lines within Kivuto: its e-store catalog, exclusive distribution of software, and Kivuto Cloud.

“This is where schools contract directly with us to leverage our portal for other software items they need to manage and distribute,” he said. “Humber was able to save their students excessively by licensing them all and charging a much lower cost to students.”

Ashlynn Ricciardi, a former Humber journalism student now studying policing at Sheridan College student, was on OSAP and couldn’t afford Microsoft Office.

“As I live far from Etobicoke, it’s a bit hard for my mom to pay for my expenses and software,” Ricciardi said. “With Humber OnTheHub, I was able to save money on the technology I would use in class and get through another school year.” 

There are dozens products on the online store to date, including design software, operating systems and security programs.

Moaz said the opportunity is open for Humber to add more software towards the benefit of students and faculty.

“Kivuto is constantly adding new software to our e-store catalog,” he said. “There are always new tools being developed and if Humber wanted to add other software, that would be their decision.”

There is no word on whether Humber will add more discounted software.