Open Mic night opportunity to showcase talent

by | Oct 2, 2015 | A&E, News

Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs
Senior Reporter

Humber performers were greeted by warm applause Wednesday evening as they showcased their talents, performing comedy routines, spoken word poetry, acoustic duets and DJ mixes.

The Humber Students’ Federation free event at the North campus’ LinX Lounge will be held monthly throughout the school year.

Ammar Abdul-Raheem, HSF VP Student Life at the North campus, said that the he does not want to limit students in their choices to perform.

“Students want to see a different type of performance so we are always looking for new acts,” he said.

Abdu-Raheem added that he is excited to link the monthly Open Mic events to HSF’s Humber’s Got Talent, the open performance showcase occurring late in the winter semester.

“It’s going to be a long night of deliberations. We will choose two performers from tonight to compete in Humber’s Got Talent. We are judging them on criteria such as creativity, audience interaction, and stage presence,” he said.

Ken Keller, a second-year Humber journalism student and Open Mic night veteran, 21, gave some tips on combating stage fright.

“It’s tough getting up there, but anyone who is onstage knows what it is like to perform for your first time. The more you go the easier it gets.”

Keller stressed the importance of energy in the performance.

“If you choose to perform something you’re heart isn’t set on, it will show and the audience will respond negatively. An open mic night might not be the best place for sad love songs and if you only have one shot, go for the upbeat kicker.”

Students can also build on their skills every Tuesday at LinX Lounge’s variety night before competing in the Open Mic night.