OPINION: Astrology isn’t a harbinger of anything to come

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Opinion

Nicholas Rahmon

As a Libra, I’m supposed to be adventurous and indecisive. The latter, I can attest, is true. And an Aries is enthusiastic and slightly childlike, while a Capricorn is hardworking and straightforward.

There are 12 symbols that supposedly represent the alignment of the stars within certain periods of the months. These zodiac signs apparently dominate our personality traits.

Complexity follows the intention of diving deeper into the world of astrology, with the addition of a birth chart comparing the time a person was born, whether there was a full moon, and the addition of air, earth, wind, and moon signs.

“What initially began my astrology fascination was its incredible accurateness to people’s behaviour,” said Nadia Hassan, a future Ryerson student who’s also an astrology enthusiast. “As someone with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), it was a way for me to pick up on how someone would behave and react to jokes, fear, and how they handled situations.

“Astrology taught me that I won’t always get along with everyone. I believe that astrology is real and that anything is as real as long as you believe,” she said.

Simply put, the extension of these signs reflects certain placements of the environment and helps integrate personality traits absent in a zodiac sign.

Each sign holds a meaning of its own to help distance itself from one another and provides an opportunity for qualities, such as indecisiveness to be something to worry about as a Libra. That offers an opportunity for some a method to earn money.

But a person of science sees the stars, planets and other cosmic phenomena for what they are: gas and fire and earth and chemicals and metal and other galactic concoctions held together with Einsteinian relativity. The stars, American author Harlon Ellison said, are neither benign nor malign, they just are. 

“It is real in the sense that some people have beliefs that are consistent with an astrological world-view,” said Michael De Robertis, a Physics and Astronomy professor at York University. “This world-view holds that, with a proper interpretation, one can get a sense of one’s character and future from configurations in the sky.

“I do not agree with this world-view,” he said.

“If it were true, then in a very real sense, your character and future would be determined and the concept of free will would be compromised,” De Robertis said.

Beyond it all, should you devote time towards getting to know a person, discovering they’re a Gemini with a birthday between the months of May and June, and then cutting them off because Geminis are the scum of the earth? The answer is No.

It all has to do with zodiac signs and how for those who’ve unfortunately spent money on someone telling you your crush will fall into your arms tomorrow. Its realistic role is to be a novelty rather than a 100 per cent guarantee that as a Taurus, you will only achieve the act of being stubborn to everyone you meet.

The system is a remnant of Babylonian culture and religion, and it has developed over the centuries to make more sense to the believer. It allows them to now sit back for a moment and think, “Oh, that one time I didn’t say hi to Ashley outside of work, maybe that makes me an Aries. I’m such a child.”

There’s at least one thing to take from this self-enlightenment journey of ours to figure out zodiac signs aren’t as they seem. Don’t take it seriously. Be your own person instead of being defined by someone on the internet supposedly foretelling future events with the so-called alignment of stars.