OPINION: New iPhone 11 is a worthy investment despite the $1200 price tag

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Biz/Tech, Opinion

Nicholas Rahmon, Biz/Tech Reporter

As Black Friday deals come and go, and Christmas trees start to sparkle, one thing on the mind of many consumers: the new iPhone 11. 

The visits with mom and dad to upgrade my phone or even now as an adult are nothing but tiring, going back and forth with the sales rep about the difference between an iPhone X and XS. 

Although the sweet relief of leaving the store with a new device is nothing but excitement to set the phone up and show everyone and their mother.

But is this the year to upgrade? The simple answer would be yes, but there are elements to take into account because spending about $1,000 to buy the newest device is almost like an investment, especially if it does the same things as last year, with only with minor improvements.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve been an Apple fan to the core since I got my dad’s 3GS. 

I now have the Series 3 Apple Watch with custom red and blue bands, the iPhone 8 Plus updated to the latest software, a MacBook Air, AirPods, and an iPad for movie-watching purposes.

With this year’s release of the iPhone 11, and its upgraded versions Pro and Pro Max, Apple follows its 2012 formula. The company releases three phones, one of them being a cost-affordable model the majority will purchase, the base model, and the “looks amazing from Apple’s marketing” upgraded 6.5-inch model (last year’s Xs, Xs Max, and XR).

This year, the new iPhones boast a triple-lens camera design and a matte finish on the back. It’s safe to say with the endless tests I’ve done in the Apple store, the picture and video quality on the Pro models have advanced significantly.

With the 13-mm ultra-wide focal lens, 26-mm focal lens, and 52-mm focal length lens with 2x optical zoom, it allows users to capture the environment like never before.

The iPhone 11 Pro costs $1,379 and the Pro Max has an even higher price tag of $1,519, significantly higher than the original iPhone 11 which starts at $979.

With the iPhone 11, it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to spend too much but still want to enjoy the same level of quality and speed present in the advanced models, compared to the 2018 XR’s underwhelming dual-camera system.

But is it worth the price tag?

As mentioned, yes. But the design remains the same, although, a base model can capture at least two times the normal view on average cell phones. That’s something people for decades couldn’t imagine. While on the topic of advancement, will I really record a feature film from my device? Perhaps, but I’ll save it for the directors and focus on recording grandma blowing out her candles instead. 

The price tags of this generation’s iPhones continue to soar but they come with incredible features that may be worth the holiday season investment.