Orangeville campus planning to expand within four years

by | Apr 4, 2014 | News

Danielle La Valle
News Reporter

Orangeville may be small but Humber’s campus expansion is planning to make a big splash.

Over the next four years, Humber Orangeville campus plans to increase its enrolment numbers to about 600 students from roughly 200.

Joe Andrews, campus director of Humber Orangeville, said they are expecting approximately 60 new students this fall.

“It’s not that we are going to grow to 600 students in one year, we are in fact going to do this incrementally and strategically,” said Andrews.

In order to meet their goal for 2018, Orangeville campus will introduce two new programs each year for the next three years, said Andrews.

Dufferin County has become increasingly interested in areas of development and employment, said Andrews. The new programing at Humber has been designed to meet that need.

For fall 2014, students can look forward to the fitness and health promotion program as well as tourism management. Cosmetic management and sport management will be added in 2015.

New programs for 2016 haven’t been finalized yet, but introducing new programs is just the tip of the iceberg, said Andrews.

“We’ll also be revitalizing our continuing education program here in Orangeville. It has taken somewhat of a hiatus and that was done intentionally because we wanted to make sure that we’re servicing the market properly,” said Andrews.

Orangeville’s Mayor Rob Adams is pleased with the expansion and the new programs being introduced.

“We’re really excited about the new programs that are being offered through Humber. It gives more choice, more opportunity for local young people,” said Adams.

Another successful tactic for increasing enrolment numbers is introducing Humber to high school students.

“We have a very popular high school dual credit program which is part of our outreach activity. This year we have just under 150 students that are integrated into our programs here in Orangeville,” said Andrews.

Cheryl Fayle is the business and education coordinator at the Career Education Council for the City of Guelph,Wellington and Dufferin counties.

The Humber booth at their annual Careers Pathway event is always very popular among students that attend, she said.

“We’re providing opportunities for Humber to showcase their programs to Grade 8 students. So when it comes time to choose a college or a post-secondary education, they are much more aware of it,” said Fayle. “The kids are really excited and so are the teachers because they say we had no idea all these opportunities were available in the Dufferin area.”

Humber Orangeville is also one of the main sponsors of this event, which attracts roughly 1,500 students each year.