Paramedic students show their research to industry professionals

by | Apr 15, 2019 | News

Madeline Jafarnejad and Zainab Zaman,News Reporters

Local paramedics were impressed by the work from students in the Paramedics program at Humber College.

The showcase held at the LRC last Wednesday, was a chance for students to communicate with industry professionals and gain positive feedback on their study.

Steve Urszenyi, Commander and Program Manager for the Ontario Emergency Medical Assistant team, says the program is a broadening field which is exciting and fun.

“My advice for the students is to continue studying hard, and to dive right in and enjoy the career,” Urszenyi said.

“Being a paramedic is not a risky career, it has its risks in different areas, you have to be aware when you are responding to calls and facing danger,” he said.

The Path to Paramedics is not made for everyone, Urszenyi said.

“You are exposed to physical, physiological and mental health risks,” he said. “EMT training is very interesting but not everyone can do it.

Students in the program gained positive and negative feedback from experts at the showcase at the LRC which was held on April 10. (Zainab Zaman)

Zainab Zaman, News Reporter

Richard Alvarez, a program coordinator for the Paramedics program, said the event allowed students to present research, evidence and presentations for the paramedic profession.

“For years, students have been showing their research this way at Humber, getting a hold on doing evidence base research is important for our job,” Alvarez said.

“Paramedics are getting their PhD’s and becoming more involved in base hospital research which is what drives our profession,” he said.

Timothy Edney, Acting Commander of Education and Development for Toronto Paramedics, said the most important thing students can do is keep on learning.

Adam Roberto (left) and Daniel Colman presented their research on patients suffering a cardiac arrest at the showcase held last Wednesday at the LRC. (Zainab Zaman)

“When they are done with their program it’s not the end of their learning, the key aspect that shows paramedics enjoyment in their job is to continue to learn,” Edney said.

“Whether it’s the presentations, new skills, research and advancing levels of care will round you up and make you a better paramedic,” Edney said.

The showcase included research on cardiac arrest patients, mental health crises and paramedic strategies.

Zack Brideau, a first-year student in the Paramedics program, says entering the program is challenging and rewarding in the end.

“I learnt that I am capable of a lot of things, and seeing how much I have grown in the program is what encourages me to keep going,” Brideau said.

“You can easily stress yourself out in this program when you do something wrong, but that means you have to practice to get your part done correctly,” he said.

“There is a lot in the program but taking it week by week is what got me through it,” Brideau said.