Parking fees not a hassle for Orangeville students

by | Apr 13, 2017 | News

Justice McCormack
News Reporter

While the staff and students of Humber’s North and Lakeshore campuses must pay for parking, the attendees at the college’s Orangeville satellite campus do not.

Every day out of the school year, a total of 415 staff and students at Orangeville get to skip the hassle of parking fees.

All attendees, including visitors, get free parking because the town of Orangeville owns the local recreation centre where Humber’s campus is housed.

James Irvine, the manager of Transportation and Parking at Humber, notes that Humber Orangeville is a small campus.

“The majority of the facility is a community recreation centre (pool, library, hockey arena), meaning the parking lot must remain open and accessible to the community,” Irvine explained.

With access to only 250 spots, parking is on a first come, first served basis.

“Humber leases the classroom space from the Town of Orangeville and the Alder Street Recreation Complex and therefore doesn’t own the property and cannot implement paid parking on property it does not own,” Irvine added.

Joe Andrews, the Campus Director of Orangeville, explains that the loss of parking funds depletes support for upkeep of the campus.

“Since there is not a direct revenue from parking, there is not a fund to take care of the asphalt in the parking lots,” Andrews said.

Brandon Bottineau, a Police Foundations student at Orangeville, has mixed feelings about the parking situation.

“It is free parking, but you got to walk like 10 miles to get to the building, though.  But I never have trouble finding a parking spot,” Bottineau exclaimed.

As they move forward with their lease agreement, Humber Orangeville plans to change the situation in the medium term future.

“I envision we will be implementing a parking charge in three to five years,” Andrews said.