People say Ello to new social site

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Rebecca Pilozo-Melara
Biz/Tech Reporter

A new social media-networking site could change the way social media is today.

Ello is an ad free social network created by Paul Budnitz, which promises not to sell users information to any third parties, a promise Ello maintains by keeping its site ad free.. By not selling ad space to third parties, Ello forego’s the need be bound by any of their contracts that may include them to give up personal information.

Ello is currently free to use however, becoming a user requires one to receive an invitation. Invitations are sent to people from current users or one has to simply wait. Additionally Ello’s site says their users will soon be offered “special features,” at a low cost.

Internet Marketer and owner of, Michael Koehler, 22, is a current Ello user. “I just wanted to try it out and see what the hype is all about,” said Koehler. After submitting his email address for an invitation, Koehler says it didn’t take him long until he got in. “Ello is different in all kinds of ways,” said Koehler, adding that the simple design allows people to focus on the users content. “There are no ads displayed on Ello,” Koehler says “which means the founders have not created it just for making some money. I hope it stays like this,” Koehler also adds that Ello has strong potential to be successful, however it probably won’t replace established sites like Facebook.

Considering how many social networking sites are out there, it’s hard to predict who will be taking over next. Byung Oh, Humber’s Career Educator and Social Media Strategist, says “I’d like to give them credit because this is totally protecting the people’s profile against third parties,”

Oh mentions that people have become more cautious of what they post now on their social networks so perhaps Ello’s privacy policy could change that. Oh also says users should be cautious of what contact information they share on any social media site.

Pro makeup artist Melanie Dela Cruz, expresses her interest to try Ello and said, “I find that a lot of makeup trends come from fashion so it’s definitely something I want to try out.”