Performance centre draws recruits

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Sports

Jeff Sehl
Sports Reporter

Humber is often praised for the quality of its varsity athletics, however, it also ranks amongst the top colleges in the province for the athletic facilities available to their varsity players.

Humber’s High Performance Centre is a weight training facility dedicated to Hawks’ athletes, allowing them to take their game to another level through physical education and training. It offers Humber athletes personalized training specific to their sport, team training regimens and education on their physical capabilities.

Now in its fifth year of existence, the centre has given Humber’s athletes an advantage not seen in most Ontario colleges.

“I don’t think there is anything really like it in terms of the OCAA,” said Humber athletic director Ray Chateau. “You’ll find high performance centres are pretty common in OUA (Ontario University Athletics) schools but it’s rather unique in terms of an OCAA school.”

Other schools offer similar services like strength and conditioning coaching to their athletes, but it’s Humber’s facilities that set the school apart from the pack, said High Performance Centre coordinator Teresa Arnini.

“At our level, I’m not aware of a college that we compete against that has a separate facility for their athletes the way that we do at Humber,” she said. “That sort of puts us at the forefront of where we want to go with the OCAA and CCAA, and it’s important to stay there, to acknowledge our athletes and keep investing in our athletes.”

Humber’s investment in athletic programs and facilities like the High Performance Centre has made the school an attractive option to perspective college athletes.

“I think (the centre) is a part of the whole package,” Chateau said. “(Recruits) take a look at what we have in terms of the therapy clinic, the varsity academic centre and the High Performance Centre, so its part and parcel of everything we have to offer.

“It definitely has a positive effect in terms of athlete recruitment,” he said.

Arnini has seen the impact Humber’s facilities can have on recruits first-hand as a cross country coach.

“When I’ve done the tours for some recruits, they’re totally struck by the fact that we have a facility and that we invest in athletics,” she said. “We have not only the coaches, not only the athletic staff and management staff, but we also have coaches that are totally taken away from their sport and we focus on them and their bodies. They’re totally in awe of it.”

Outside of recruitment, Humber athletes have been reaping the benefits of the school’s investment in athletics as well.

“(Having the centre) is actually really beneficial. It separates us from the traffic in the original gym and we can come in whenever we can to get our workout,” said Tyrone Dickson, a second year power forward with the Hawks men’s basketball team. “They give us advice and guide us as time goes on and we eventually get better and it’s really good having them there.”

The benefits of Humber’s investment in athletics can also be seen on the field of play and hanging on the walls of the Athletic Centre. Humber has won a staggering 43 OCAA titles in 13 different sports since the High Performance Centre was established in 2010.