Personal branding is key to sell unique self

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Life

Shaun Fitl
Life Reporter

The Business School Placement Centre hosted a personal branding seminar Last Thursday at the Humber Lakeshore campus.

Guest speaker Nellie Vieira said the key word in personal branding is “personal” and “who it is, uniquely, that you are” is the true importance.

She is the creator of “true to the core”, a consulting system that develops personal and negotiating skills, and is also founder and president of Forrest & Associates Inc., a brand development company.

Vieira was invited to speak because she is an “internationally recognized negotiation expert” who runs a “Toronto-based organization specializing in communication and behaviour skills development

that effects positive relationship management,” said Antoniette Di Marco, manager of the Placement Centre.

“Talent is not about what you got on your last exam… it’s about how you apply the knowledge you’ve received,” said Vieira.

“Personal branding allows a person to actually identify with not just competencies and qualifications but the uniqueness they can offer,” she said.

A true personal branding means the person has brought their qualifications and competencies to life in a way that differentiates them from other people with the same, said Vieira.

“Nellie (Vieira) has successfully blended philosophy and psychology with competencies and proven techniques to assist her vast professional client portfolio,” said Di Marco.

As a professional speaker, consultant, trainer and coach, Vieira is passionate about results at every aspect of interface requiring person-to-person interaction, she said.

“Going into the work world, the attempt is often to mold yourself or address what you’re going to be with an idea of what your employer expects you to be,” said Vieira.

She said the main goal is not simply modeling oneself to what employers desire, but it is more important to discover who the individual is as a person and to market that as a “true to the core” quality.

“A company wants to know that you’re willing to think outside the box,” said Vieira.

“Personal branding identifies that you’re willing to push the boundaries,” she said.

“An organization wants to be able to say it has progressive thinking and is constantly improving,” she said.

“We’re no longer looking for compliance … we’re looking for innovation,” she said.