OPINION: Popular culture battles over nothing really tick me off

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Opinion

By Javon Walker

always find something to complain about after getting triggered by some stupidity or another in popular culture. So, what happened this time that has my knots tied?

Well, just recently the internet almost overheated because self-proclaimed Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj was on the receiving end of a diss song from Remy Ma called ‘shEther’. The song itself was a really good diss song, with a lot of personal insults thrown around and some quotable lines sprinkled here and there. It’s the type of song that could go down in history.

People have been craving for a good rap beef ever since Meek Mill got bodybagged by Toronto’s own Drake. With Nicki Minaj being one of the best in the game, we all thought this back and forth was going to climb to new heights. However, Minaj decided to moonwalk away from the conflict so quick that I accidentally mixed her up with track star Usain Bolt, meaning in rap circles she lost by default. While she might respond at a later date, the damage has already been done.

However, Minaj fans couldn’t accept that. They launched a full-court press attack against Remy Ma and her fans, digging through numbers and records to show why Nicki Minaj is too far above Remy Ma to respond. When that didn’t work, they escalated things by trying to ruin Ma. Long story short, Ma spent six years in jail after being sentenced in 2008 for assault involving a firearm. Minaj superfans decided to call her probation officer to get her back to jail over something she never did. Drake fans did the exact same thing to Meek Mill when Drake was having his problems with Mill.

This is what has ticked me off this week. I’m tired of people living their lives vicariously through celebrities. I don’t want to judge someone who passes their days adoring Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. I’ve come to accept it, and there’s a million other things to be bothered by instead. But what’s ticking me off is when these fans go so far to support their artists that they’re willing to ruin the lives of others to maintain the image of their favourite. That’s very evil.

All forms of music are about entertainment, and these artists are entertainers. Once upon a time they were regular people just like you and me, and now they’re regular people with a lot of money. As such, fans should be looking at these songs as entertainment instead of acting as if their mother was insulted. It’s a sad day when an artist of Adele’s caliber spends her entire Grammy acceptance speech thanking Beyonce because she doesn’t want the #Beyhive destroying her career. Like geez, I thought it was Kanye’s job to force awards on Beyonce.

Long story short: keep your entertainers as just that. Don’t ruin things for everybody else.