PRESTO finally accepted on campus busses

by | Sep 28, 2016 | News

Kasandra DaSilva


The commute to school may be easier for Humber students as all buses serving the college now accept the prepaid PRESTO transit card.

The PRESTO card has been around the Greater Toronto Area since 2009 but is available on only about half of TTC busses. PRESTO is said to be an easier way for students who have a long commute and have to use other municipal public transit systems than the TTC.

PRESTO is an alternative to the Metropass for students as it allows students to use it all over the GTA, and for GO Transit.

“It is a smart card to use in the GTA to pay for your fares for GO Transit and TTC and when you travel to York Region and Mississauga,” said second year hospitality student Ryan Dukhia.

Unlike Metropass, riders don’t pay a flat rate per month for PRESTO; instead, the card is loaded when needed, and users can pay any amount at a time.

The reloading feature appealed to Metropass user Sabrina Angeconeb, as she is not a frequent public transit user.

“Hearing that there is a card where you do not have to pay over $100 per month for $50 worth of bus rides is awesome, and will help with the financial struggles of being a student,” said Angeconeb, a second year tourism student.

Heather Brown, senior communications advisor for PRESTO, said the card would be the only type of payment other than cash that will be accepted by TTC by the end of 2017.

“Eventually, in 2017 we will have the ability to offer weekly and monthly passes on PRESTO. These pass products will function in the same way that they do today,” Brown said.

Students will be also offered a special post-secondary student PRESTO card instead of having to pay adult fares.

“The post-secondary Metropass option on PRESTO won’t be available until later in 2017,” said Brown, adding that part-time student commuters can use the PRESTO card available today.

The $49 million project is to be completed sometime next year, but by the end of 2016 PRESTO is supposed to be installed at least in one entrance of all subway stations and in all buses.