Long Night Against Procrastination event promotes student services

by | Mar 25, 2019 | News, North

Long night against procrastination event took place on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at Humber North campus on the third floor of the LRC. (Christian Aguirre)

Christian Aguirre,News Reporter

Humber College’s North Campus was host to the 2019 Long Night Against Procrastination ( LNAP) event.

LNAP, which took place last Wednesday, is an annual event created to help students with assignments and exam prep. The event had booths from different Humber departments showcasing the services the school offers.

The focus was on providing students with information on library services and the math, writing, and accounting centres.

Students who attended got access to free tutoring and workshops and were offered free popcorn and coffee.

LNAP 2019 is an annual event designed to help students prep for exams and promote the academic services available on campus. (Christian Aguirre)

At the start of the event, attendees were given a stamp card. Students would receive a stamp on their card after visiting an information booth. Those who visited all the booths could exchange their card for a slice of pizza and be entered in a raffle to win a swag bag.

Another main focus of the event was the promotion of the tutoring services on campus.

Peer support leader Antonio Rizzo was manning the peer tutoring services booth and answering students questions.

“Students can register for one on one tutoring in classes that they need help with and they get up to three hours a week in free tutoring,” Rizzo said.

A stamp ticket from LNAP 2019. Students could win prizes and pizza if all the stamps were collected. (Christian Aguirre)

Rizzo also said interested students can register and book tutors online.

Tutors are students who have a 70 per cent average in their program and at least an 80 per cent in the class that they tutor.

Rizzo said other services are also offered besides one-on-one tutoring.

“Another service that we have is learning skills workshops that can range from time management to prep tests or stress management,” he said. “These just are some workshops that help you.”

First-year Event Planning student Rajwinder Singh said he was walking by and was attracted to the event by the free food.

Free pizza was given out at LNAP 2019 to student who visited all the information booth. (Christian Aguirre)

“I saw others receiving free pizza so I came to see. The lady [event organizer] told me I need to go around and get this card filled for a slice,” Singh said.

He said he thought giving out free food was a good strategy for promoting school services.

“Food on campus is expensive so this is a nice way for me to eat for free and learn about the school [services],” Singh said.