Project X aims to re-imagine health and wellness in 21st century

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Life

Julie Arounlasy


Humber College’s Centre of Innovation in Health and Wellness announced the Healthy Kids Changemakers Challenge Thursday.

The challenge is an initiative in partnership with the Rexdale Community Health Centre. Interdisciplinary teams of students, faculty and staff will work together with the

surrounding community to develop ideas for promoting children’s health through healthy eating starting next month.

“If you tell somebody to eat something healthy, but they can’t afford it, they’re not going to eat it. We need to come together to really create a difference in this community,” Manager of the Centre of Innovation in Health and Wellness Matias Golob said.

The teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of community stakeholders in April and one idea will be implemented in partnership with the Rexdale Community Health Centre.

The challenge gives Humber students a platform where they can adapt course work into hands-on applied projects.

“The challenge carries incredible promise for collaborative experiences where students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community come together and create opportunities for healthy child and youth development within our community, and that is one of the greatest things we could ever achieve collectively,” Senior Vice President of Academics Laurie Rancourt said.

Humber students brought attention to health and wellness issues on campus through the school’s first Brand-a-thon November 19.

The Brand-a-thon’s theme was ‘Hacking Wellbeing’ and was organized by Project X, an initiative created by Humber’s Centre of Innovation in Health and Wellness.

Over forty students from different programs were brought together to work on a brand identity that resonated with their vision for health and wellness.

Humber student Darnell Jones participated in the Brand-a-thon event to help create the brand identity.

“Being in a room with students from different programs and having to sit together for two hours to come up with ideas was a short period of time, but the amount of work we put in and the ideas we were able to come up with were very successful,” he said.

Humber Students Natalie Buchanan and Megan Diercks designed the logo for the brand and created the tagline “Together. To Better.”

“The logo represents the paths of success that intersect. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. It also sits very nicely with the Humber brand. We looked through all of the different Humber logos and we wanted to create something that really connected with Humber,” Diercks said.

Humber initiative programs set up booths to inform attendees about health and wellness issues and to network with industry partners at the event.

The programs promoted healthy lifestyle changes from fitness and nutrition to the awareness of mental health issues.

The ultimate goal for Project X is to break down barriers that are in the way of solving health and wellness problems in the community.

“Health and Wellness isn’t just looking at nutrition, it’s nutrition coupled with exercise, coupled with social community impact,” Dean of Applied Research and Innovation Darren Lawless said.

“Opportunities where you can get people to work together and learn how to collaborate and look at things from different angles is really important and I’ve seen the effects of it,” he said.