Provincial champs finish in fifth place at the CCAA

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Sports, Varsity

John Grant and Jonathan Frasco, Sports Reporters

Humber men’s soccer team came full circle as they ended the season in the same spectacular way they launched the 2019 campaign. Super-sub forward Zachary Zitoli started the Nov. 9 game to settle the National tournament’s fifth spot by scoring all five Humber goals. It was reminiscent of the Hawks’ opening game when Leaford Allen scored five goals in that match.

The Hawks beats the Red Deer College Kings 5-0, which placed the team fifth place in the CCAA championships.

Striker Zachary Zitoli takes a shot from outside the box against Red Deer while a defender tries to stop the shot. (John Grant)

The game against Red Deer was utterly one-sided as Humber thrashed and bashed the Kings. Zitoli was in fine form against Red Deer showing the depth of this Humber team and how scary they can be on any given day. 

“We have the best players, and our bench could easily compete with any teams starting lineup,” the third-year forward said.

They did not achieve what they set out to do but, they are still the OCAA 2019 champs and they beat numerous strong teams to get into the position they finished this season. It was a season filled with, as expected, ups and downs and the Hawks showed their resilience.

Midfield maestro Federico Leal feels the disappointment of not winning the Nationals, but strongly believes in this young group of stars.

“Obviously, we didn’t get what we really wanted, which is the National championship,” he said. 

“We came together in this short season, which is two, three months, and brought in a group of young guys and some core players in together, and we had a good season.”

This young team will still be together for next season except for defender Cody Green who played his final game against Douglas College in the bronze match. 

To say this team will be hungry is an understatement because they have learned many lessons this season.

Player of the year, star forward Allen will also be returning next season, meaning the Hawk’s attack will not be compromised. He thinks this team will be back next year to compete for the championships.

“We have fought through a lot, and sometimes things just didn’t go our way,” Allen said. “Once we go back, look over a few things we will be an even stronger team, and be back to win it again.”This young Hawks team may be on the verge of crystalizing for next season and Humber coach Michael Aquino has advice for this young squad: 

“Learn from this year. There were a lot of positives, so let’s be hungry for what we could not accomplish this year.”