Public Safety hands out violation notices to smokers

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Campus News, News, North

Students sneaking cigarettes in the Arboretum. Humber College began enforcing its smoke ban with violation notices in March. (Rachael Taylor)

Rachael Taylor, News Reporter

Think again about smoking on campus.

Humber joined a growing list of nearly 85 universities and colleges across Canada in enacting 100 per cent smoke-free policies on Jan. 1, including bans on smoking cigarettes, marijuana and vaping on all school property

Et Cetera’s early coverage noted students were facing little to no punishment, but that has changed. Public Safety started handing out violation notices in March to those caught smoking on Humber property.

Ben Kloepfer, a biotech student, was given a violation notice after being caught smoking on school property. (Rachael Taylor)

Giordon Jacolbia and Ben Kloepfer, two first-year students in biotechnology, were handed yellow slips of paper resembling a ticket by a staff member of public safety on March 28.

Kloepfer said the two were smoking when they were approached by security.

“He started off saying no smoking,” he said.

“It was a nice conversation,” Jacolbia said. ”He said if we get three tickets it’ll go on out student record.”

Kloepfer said the security officers told them that the violations could affect their studies.

Rob Kilfoyle, the director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, said the information told to these students was incorrect.

“In terms of impacting their education, I wouldn’t say that,” he said.

“I would say the expectation is that they should follow the policy and if they don’t they’re gonna get some penalty,” Kilfoyle said. “I don’t know if it’s two or three or four, but when there are multiple violation notices, that’s usually when we get the head office to address it.”

Under the student code of conduct, students are required to follow the rules, policies, procedures and regulations of the college, and Public Safety enforces the rules with violation notices.

“So if we find a student that is contravening one of Humber’s many policies and procedures or rules, (Public Safety) can issue a violation notice,” Kilfoyle said.

Public Safety began issuing violation notices towards the end of March to those caught breaking the smoking ban.

“We’ve given a period of time for people to voluntarily comply so now we’re just advancing the implementation phase,” Kilfoyle said.

The violation notices are a yellow slip and are sent to the Student Code of Conduct office where they are recorded and tracked.

Kilfoyle said if there is a recurring problem, that’s when the student will be contacted by the conduct office. Punishment seems to be on a case by case basis.

“I wouldn’t suggest someone smoking is going to result in them being expelled,” Kilfoyle said. “But someone who continuously continues to violate the policies of the institution despite being given the opportunity to change their behaviour, well then it’s up to managers in the conduct office to decide.”