Radio Humber turns up the volume on campus

by | Apr 1, 2019 | A&E, Campus News, Headlines, North

Rachael Taylor, News Reporter

Heads up to Humber students and professors in L Building, things are getting loud in the basement.

Radio Humber is producing a YouTube series showcasing Canadian artists performing in the L basement studio. The first band, Jane’s Party, sat down March 27 with Et Cetera to discuss the group, their sound and their upcoming show.

Jane’s Party consists of drummer Zach Sutton, bassist and singer Devon Richardson, guitarist and singer Tom Ionescu and keyboardist and singer Jeff Giles.

The band labeled themselves as a pop-rock quartet from Toronto. Their first release came in 2009 with their album Garage Sessions, however they’ve been playing together since the mid-2000s.

Drummer Zach Sutton and bassist Devon Richardson of Jane’s Party performing their last set for the Radio Humber YouTube series at Humber Campus. (Rachael Taylor)

“We started out as this band called The After Party maybe around 2006, 2007,” Giles said. “I’d say fully formed as a band would be 2009 with Garage Sessions release.”

Since their earlier releases, the band’s sound has developed and changed, with a new album titled Casual Island laying heavily into their pop side. A lot of this has to do with the many producers they have worked with over the years.

“I think each producer brings something different,” Ionescu said. “With our record Hot Noise, which was 2012 I think, (producer) Taylor Knoxville, we felt like we were working with another band guy, just jamming with him.

“It almost felt like we were playing live with him. His style was very raw and organic,” he said.

“Now [on this album] with Derrick (Hoffman) who is actually a little bit younger than us, he’s very much like a computer whiz, like a modern day producer,” Ionescu said. He said Hoffman took the band’s demos and touched them up with backing beats and sounds, something the band had never done.

Giles said Hoffman had a huge influence on Casual Island’s finished product.

“Derrick was a lot more hands on with the structure of the songs, taking them from point A to point B and making a big, a huge difference of what the songs turned out to be, and also having input in even which songs became singles,” he said.

The writing process has changed significantly with this album as well. Sutton said with three principle songwriters in their band, there are a lot of influences coming into the recording room.

“We do the best to fit those songs within the framework of our band, without taking away the fact that everyone really does have their own influences,” he said.

Jane’s Party is hosting its release show on April 6 at the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen Street West, near Spadina Avenue. Tickets are $10 and doors are at 9 p.m.

The band’s latest album, Casual Island, is streaming now on Spotify.