Pirasanth GunaskaramSports Reporter

This year’s varsity season is over but the recruiting process for next season is just beginning.

Since the process started, Humber has so far recruited nine athletes for baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Jim Bialek, manager of Humber Athletics and Sports Information, said coaches scout the athletics. The profile of an athlete that may be recruited includes attributes that go beyond his or her abilities on the field, ice or court.

“They look for people who are skilled, but they’re also looking for people that are leaders,” Bialek said.

He said they always look for people who make good teammates and are good people.

Ray Chateau, director of Athletics, the coaches spent months watching and communicating with the prospective student athletes.

The details of last week’s ID camp for the men’s rugby varsity team. (courtesy of Humber Athletics.)

Fabian Rayne, Humber Men’s rugby head coach, held an identification camp on April 17 to look for players to join the newly reinstated rugby team.

“We were just trying to identify talent to see kind of what players that are currently Humber students, so that’s really what the ID camp was all about,” Rayne said.

He said the team know what kind of players they are looking for.

“We’re looking for good character guys who obviously are skilled in terms of playing the game of rugby and understand how to make good decisions on the field,” he said.

Rayne is looking for players who are currently at Humber rather than recruiting players from high schools.

“There’s no huge marketing campaign to go out and bring  players to Humber,” Rayne siad. “We’re just trying to ID players and see kind of what we have.”

Michael Kopinak, associate athletic director and recreation, said their approach to recruiting depends if they a high prospect. Part of the process includes a prospect signing a letter of intent ensuring they are committed to Humber.

“We’ll do a signing with them to make them feel special, that they’re a part of the Humber team,” Kopinak said.

He said some athletics gets scholarship money.

“Not every recruit gets a scholarship, only our highest level athletes,” Kopinak said.

He said they look for a combination of athletic skill and academic excellence.

“We win a lot of provincial and national championships every year,” Kopinak said. “This year we went to 20 provincial championships and that would be probably what I would consider an average season.”

Chateau said the college’s reputation in providing an opportunity to win is why prospects choose Humber.

“I think we are considered to be the best spot to play,” Chateau said.