Relieve some stress in the Humber game room

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Biz/Tech

By Ryan Durgy
Biz/Tech reporter

There is a room on Humber’s campus where students can play soccer and hockey, and even race cars, albeit they are doing it via video game consoles.

Students using Humber’s video game room at North and Lakeshore campuses, in KX203 and the K Building basement respectively, get to experience a helpful break from the stresses of school.

Cody Barevich, a fourth-year Business student at University of Guelph-Humber and a customer service representative for Humber Students’ Federation, is one of the people in charge of running the HSF game room.

“The game room was introduced over the past few years as a way to help students relax and take a break from the stresses of school,” he said.

“It allows them to take about a half an hour or so just to play a couple of games and have some fun with their friends in this hectic environment,” Barevich said.

There are a variety of games available to play on eight Xbox One consoles within the room, including FIFA editions, NBA 2K15, Call of Duty, Madden, NHL, and any free games that students want to download onto the console.

Students are asked to bring their student card or a piece of government-issued ID to sign out a console in the room for 30-minute bookings.

“During the afternoons it gets pretty busy, you might have to wait a bit,” Barevich said.

He suggested students who want to avoid waiting for a console come in the morning when the room is less busy.

Barevich said there haven’t been any tournaments planned within the video game room this year.

HSF does, however, run video game tournaments within the student atrium where more students can participate.

Thomas Appiah, a third-year Business Administration student, is a veteran of the video game room.

“I used to come here three times a week but I stopped coming here, it’s like, no one can beat me!” Appiah said.

Appiah said his favourite sport is soccer and he has been playing the FIFA game for years. Although he used to frequent the room as a gamer quite often, he now uses his time there to mentor other student gamers.

“I’m just trying to support them. Train them,” Appiah said about the other gamers in the room.

Barevich said although the game room has an inclusive environment, friendly rivalries exists among the gamers.

“It has its moments,” he said.

“There’s always friendly challenges going on at certain consoles. People are always watching to see what the next person does. If someone is playing a video game and they do a sick dunk, it’s like, ‘Oh replay, everyone come check out this!’” Barevich said.

Nelson Pacheco, a Sports Management student, recently experienced the room for the very first time.

“It was pretty fun,” he said.

“We passed by a few times and saw that the place is actually packed but for some reason it was pretty dead so we ended up coming in to play,” Pacheco said.

Pacheco said more gaming space would encourage him to use the room more often.

Students like Pacheco who want more space to game are in luck because Barevich revealed there are plans to move North campus’ video game room to the student atrium behind the stage.

Barevich said the new gaming room will be moved into the new, larger space and will be shared with the pool room, providing a more “immersive experience.”