Romance during a quarantine leaves people lovesick or sick of dating apps

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Campus News, Life, North

Many are spending time with families or loved ones, some are looking to dating apps to make the quarantine less lonely.

Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram. They’re all apps people are using to meet new people, connect, and hopefully find comfort in these difficult times.

But some are turning to other apps to gain connections that they’re craving.

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Alicia Ruggiero said that dating during COVID is stressful.

Alicia Ruggiero has been on two dating apps during the past year.

“Dating in the pandemic, it’s tough,” she said. “I feel like it’s harder to talk to people and communicate, as well as you have to be socially distanced if you do meet up with them in person”

She said when it comes to dating someone through a pandemic, it’s important to meet up with someone a few times to ensure there is a real connection there. But it is a stressful event, even with a mask.

But what happens if things don’t work out and the connection needs to be cut? Is there a way to stay safe online and physically?

Kara Brisson-Boivin, a director of research at Mediasmarts and an adjunct research professor at Carleton University’s Department of Sociology, said using apps can be helpful during the lockdown, but be careful.

“That can be a good thing, as I said, especially in the pandemic, and we’re all sort of hungry for social connection,” she said. “But I think users need to know what they’re doing.”

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Reese Lemos, a George Brown Media Foundations grad, said she met her partner on a dating site. (Courtesy Reese Lemos)

Brisson-Boivin said app users should never use their primary email or give out any personal information, ensure terms of service and privacy policies are understood, let friends know if a meeting was set up with a potential date.

But she said app users should trust their gut feelings.

Reese Lemos, a George Brown Media Foundations grad, said she was active on dating sites until she has found her partner.

She met her partner on Tinder and said she is glad she stopped using dating apps because of some “gross” experiences. The couple is trying to see each other as often as possible but COVID-19 is making it difficult.

“We try to see each other a couple times a week outside and socially distanced,” she said. “Covid made dating very difficult.”