LifeRomeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo, the non-venomous blood python?

ETC StaffNovember 19, 20181173 min
Beans the guinea pig gets close to Humber students at the Lakeshore Campus (Denissa Palmer) _

Denissa Palmer

Life Reporter

A menagerie of animals — from a python to things presumably cuter — are being shown at Lakeshore campus to help students destress.

The final showing at the campus is scheduled for Nov. 27 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in A170.

During the past month, IGNITE brought the city zoo to students during the mid-term season this semester.

One animal that received much attention during the event was Romeo, a 13-year-old non-venomous blood python. Other animals shown included Cramer and Beans who are both guinea pigs. Cramer, however, is a rare hairless guinea pig with a little gold beard.

Next was Boris rabbits named Smokey and Pearl, who are married, and finally an active red-footed tortoise named Poppy.

“She’s [Poppy] really excited and very active,” said Rachel Madina, volunteer at Pawsitively Pets for the last three years. “I’m happy to see her finally like this because the first time she came, she was really quiet and sat in a corner for most of the day.”

Pawsitively Pets is a hands-on animal education program located in East York. Humber had teamed up with them to bring this event to students.

Their animal team is filled with different breeds that have been rescued from places all over the world.

Dundi, a leaf-tailed gecko, for example, came from Madagascar. Now he spends his afternoons hanging off the finger tips of Humber students and Pawsitively volunteers like Madina.

James Pryce, final-year graphic design student, said he makes it his duty to come by and visit these animal friends.

“School is hectic. Life is too, honestly,” he said.

“My parents have always been against having pets in the house, so this is my chance to get spend time with them,” Pryce said.

He said he usually has classes until at least 6 p.m., and that is followed with his part-time job at Best Buy.

“Honestly, some days I really do feel like just sitting at home and just not coming back, but I’ve already done most of it and my parents wouldn’t be the happiest,” he said.