Rowe wins third badminton triple crown in a row

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Headlines, Sports, Varsity

Joey Congi
Sports Reporter

Winning one trophy at a tournament is usually good enough, but taking all of the three possible trophies in a single tournament. No easy feat.

Humber Hawks badminton player Chloe Rowe took the triple crown at the Fanshawe Invitational in London two weeks ago. A triple crown is winning the singles competition in their respective gender, along with winning both the doubles and mixed doubles competitions.

“It’s what Humber expects me to do,” Rowe said. “It’s also what I expect myself to do. I was still very happy but I just met my expectations”

This is exactly what the Hawks are expecting out of Rowe after she won the women’s OCAA championship last season.

After winning three triple crowns in a row to start this season, it appears Rowe is picking up right where she left off, and it’s her great work ethic that translates well to her on-court performance.

“She’s very coachable,” head coach Ray Wong said. “She is always training very hard and pushing herself to do better.”

Rowe’s success may not be possible if she was not a great teammate as well. Her success motivates everyone else around her to do better.

Rowe’s doubles partner Elizabeth Duong says Chloe is a great teammate and makes everyone around her better.
“She is always motivating me on the court to be better,” Duong said. “If I’m doing something wrong she will always correct me so I know what to do for next time.”

Rowe’s experience playing badminton helps with her on-court success.

“She has been around the circuit for a while now,” Wong said. “She has played in national tournaments which have helped to give her more experience in the sport.”

Rowe hopes she can keep her badminton career alive after she is done competing for the Hawks.

“I really hope I can train four or five days a week at the club I go to in Markham,” she said. “There are many international coaches there I work with that really help my game.

“I would also love to compete at the national and international levels as well,” Rowe said. But she also wants to help develop future badminton stars.

“I want to get a job in the fitness industry,” she said. “I’m into personal training and group exercise. I want to be able to incorporate that into training badminton players.”