Self-made musician Savoia stays diverse

by | Nov 7, 2014 | A&E

Tonia Venneri
A&E Reporter

Humber grad Samantha Savoia is on her way to becoming a multiple threat in the entertainment world.

The 23-year-old graduated from the Public Relations program at Humber in 2013 and is currently working as the head of PR for Cugini Recordings, but it doesn’t end there. The self made musician, and Toronto’s official Lady Gaga impersonator said she always has something up her sleeve.

“I don’t want to be known as the person who just does one thing. I’m so diverse in so many things, it’s just what I love to do and I don’t like to be tied down,” said Savoia.

Savoia is closely connected to the music industry and said that her time working with music producer and Cugini head Adam Bertucci has taught her so much more about her upcoming career in the industry.

“It’s so weird cause it’s the easiest thing to just figure out, and I figured it out through actually being a publicist for him,” said Savoia. “It’s really helped me with my career and what path I want to go…but it’s a slow process, obviously. It’s not something that could happen tomorrow.”

Bertucci is the name behind the Cugini label and said as Savoia’s friend and producer, he wanted her to represent his brand.

“Cugini is basically a DIY company, and as artists we just do everything ourselves and try to keep it within the people that we really trust. I have a very deep respect for Samantha and we have a very good trust for one another so I said who’s better than this person…she just recently started, so it’s only going to get bigger and better,” said Bertucci.

Daniel Schneider is one of the professors in Humber’s  Public Relations program who said having a student succeed is gratifying.

“They become colleagues, they’re not your students anymore, they’re in the field with us…it’s such a rewarding experience.”

Along with working on her music career and doing PR for Cugini, Savoia is master of ceremonies for a entertainment company called S4 Sound Sensation. Last week, she appeared at the Bellagio in Vaughan for her second year as the MC for the banquet hall’s Halloween Bash.

The former Humber student has been named the official Lady Gaga impersonator of Toronto and represented ProudFm and Z103.5 at World Pride this year.

“It’s just something I do for fun.”