Service fair raises awareness of campus resources

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Campus News, Life

Su Kuštrić, Senior Reporter

Humber College’s fall services fair provided an opportunity for new and returning students to learn more about different services and resources available to them on campus.

There were more than 20 booths at the fair hosted by the Student Success and Engagement Office that offered information about careers, schooling and life on campus that are available mostly for first year students who have any questions about their career, schooling or their future life on campus.

“Here they can volunteer for clubs on campus and things that they’re interested in, but it’s also for resources that they might need throughout the year or that they might not know about,” said Seeret Samra, who works for Student Success and Engagement.

Lara Besa, a Café LinX staffer, hands out packaged soups to promote the Pay-What-You-Can soup bar on campus. The soup bar opens on Oct. 1. (Su Kuštrić)

Students were able to get information about the student union IGNITE, and about resource groups on campus, such as LGBTQ+, Black Academic Success and Engagement (BASE) and the Aboriginal Resource Centre.

“They might not be aware of useful resources,” Samra said.

She said IGNITE has the Career Success Centre which is there to guide them for their future career goals, but also there is a dispute resolution clinic they might not know about.

“If they’re in a Community & Social Services program and they want to volunteer for community events such as Earth Week, they can find out about it through the sustainability office,” Samra said.

About 500 students visited the student fair on last Thursday at North campus.

Among the visitors to the North fair were Jaimini Patel and Maitri Modi, first-year students of Web Development, who said were happy to participate in this kind of fair.

“They are very helpful because we are learning about (the) responsibilities that can help us in the future and they told me about their scholarships, which was very important for me,” Patel said.

Modi said she is really interested in a course for second year and that she got all the answers to her questions about her program.