Sex safety advice and healthy sleep info distributed at nursing fair

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Life

Adriana DiSanto
Life Reporter

Yesterday students swarmed the first floor of Humber’s Learning Resource Commons building to receive free condoms and information packages.

Third year nursing students held a Sex and Sleep Fair in order to raise awareness for both STIs and unhealthy sleeping patterns.

The students put together a survey to see what areas students are struggling in when it comes to their health.

They found Humber students are the least educated in healthy sleeping patterns and how to engage in safe sexual intercourse.

“This is a promotion strategy,” Gusharan Nagra, a third year nursing student said, “We’re trying to get the message across about safe sex and how to prevent early pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases.”

Nagra also said they want to expose Humber’s Health Centre to students because many are unaware of their services.

“Students can get things like condoms from there, and birth control,” Nagra said.

The centre not only offers forms of birth control, but gives sexual transmitted infection tests without charge to Humber students.

“They’ve engaged in a primary health prevention strategy to help protect, promote, and maintain a healthy student body,” Stefanie Santorsola, a clinical professor at Humber said.

“We’ve found that with our research, STI’s are prevalent amongst the 24 age group which is our target population,” Santorsola said. “Lack of sleep does affect academic performance.”

The main goal of the event was to raise awareness and give students options even when they think they may not have any and, at the same time, prevent the spread of misinformation.

“A lot of students may think they have knowledge on this,” Santorsola said. “These students want to transfer their knowledge to the student population.”

Other information that was offered at the fair was the sleeping booth, which included a lot of tips on how to sleep better.

“Here we talk about sleep cycles and some tips,” Kale Boyer, a third year nursing student said about the colouful display about sleeping patterns.

“As a student it’s always going to be hard to get sleep,” Boyer said, “but a lot of it has to do with technology (smart phones, iPads, televisions) being in the bedroom.”

Eating heavy meals and using a phone before sleeping are both key reasons as to why students struggle the most with getting a good rest at night.

“I wouldn’t recommend doing strenuous exercising two to three hours before sleeping,” Boyer added